Kat Miller

Product Design Leadership

Leads with kindness. Mentors with heart. Collaborates with gratitude.

10+ years of diverse experience designing and shipping products for venture-backed startups and Fortune-tier enterprises.

Committed to creating and fostering small, unexpected moments of joy within products, services, and teams, with a deep belief in their positive impact on those experiencing them.

Lead Product Designer



Fractional Founding Designer

Tiny Creative


Design Director

4G Clinical


Co-founder, Head of Product

Kinetic (Stand In)


"Kat brings order to the chaos that characterizes all early project development when one must convert ideas into a plan of action."

Kat is a high-impact leader who moves effortlessly from strategy to implementation. She combines a product designer's sense of how aesthetics should serve function with a product owner's analytical rigor. She brings order to the chaos that characterizes all early project development when one must convert ideas into a plan of action. A common thread in all Kat's endeavors is iterative research -- she tests hypotheses with her suspected audiences, learns their needs, trims away anything not needed for the initial personae and then retests. But none of this compares to Kat's character and strength. She meets even the most enormous challenges with creativity and optimism. She sets an example not just for her teammates but for the people, like me, who have known her over the years. You build great teams around talent but you build great companies around character.

Case Study

Everything changes when fingers hit glass

Kinetic was a Techstars-backed prototyping platform that helped product teams design, build and ship mobile experiences with over 10,400 beta signups.

Chief of Staff

"...truly the most strategic and systems-focused designer I've ever worked with."

I sincerely hope I get to partner with Kat again in the future. Kat is such an incredible human and such a great leader for any team. She is so versatile, collaborative, intuitive, strategic, and thoughtful. I've worked with Kat in several areas from employee engagement and company communications to investor relations and strategic storytelling to overall design systems and UX. She approached each project in the same holistic way and ensured the right people were involved to get to the best solution. She is detail oriented, solutions-focused, passionate, and always comes to the table with a positive attitude. She is truly the most strategic and systems-focused designer I've ever worked with. Not only is she a very talented and creative designer, but the way she weaves in design thinking, design research, and her ability to bring teams together to solve a problem, she acts as an incredible "glue" for any org.


Resilience, discomfort, & advocacy

How healthcare environments and practioners have impacted my design craft

As designers, we have the unique privilege and responsibility to shape experiences, not just with aesthetics or functionality, but with a deep understanding of the human condition, much like the thoughtfully curated sounds in a hospital - subtle, yet profoundly impactful.
Director of People Ops

"Kat is a joy to work with!"

Kat's visual design prowess and passion for implementing design as a practice really up-leveled the couple of projects that we worked on together. However, what stuck out to me most is her ability to listen, ask the right questions, and build a case for better design decisions with her stakeholders. In all of my interactions with Kat, I left those conversations feeling like the work product or process was significantly improved. Kat is well-qualified to lead a design practice and be a trusted advisor to senior leaders. She's a joy to work with!

Case Study

Care, Courage, & Craft

Created the brand, design system, and inaugural self-serve product for a developer-centric startup backed by YC, setting the stage for its distinctive market presence and user experience.

"Kat is a great designer, art director, and mentor."

Kat Miller is a great designer, art director, and mentor. I’ve worked with her for several years in both an agency setting and as a freelancer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on several freelance projects, our most recent being building the branding and website designs for Foxbox. One of Kat’s many strengths is being able to articulate a clear design vision while seamlessly working with individual contributors to bring that vision to life. On any large design project, it’s important to have a design leader who understands and communicates the needs and priorities of a project while also creating an environment that encourages collaboration and feedback. Kat is that person and I think any organization can be confident in her abilities as a creative director and manager.

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